About Me

Joe B Parr

Hello, I'm Joe B. Parr

I'm a North Texas based writer and novelist.

In addition to the nonfiction book, Share Your Story, I write entertaining fiction (Mystery Suspense) with an undercurrent of social commentary. My books address provocative issues by introducing characters who provide multiple perspectives so that the reader is driven to explore their own thoughts. There are currently three releases in my Detective Jake Hunter series.

In The Victim, issues addressed include gangs, media stereotypes and the racial tensions within the community.

In Stolen Innocence, I highlight the growing issue of Human Trafficking and its disproportional impact on immigrant and minority communities.  

In Unseen Carnage, the societal impacts of illegal drugs and the War on Drugs are interwoven into the story.

As a native of the Fort Worth, TX area, my novels are crime dramas based in and around DFW. Residents of the area will enjoy the familiar sights and places. For others, I provide a virtual tour highlighting the area’s feel and diversity.

My current releases, The Victim, Stolen Innocence and Unseen Carnage, are available in paperback, ebook (Kindle) and audio book on Amazon.com and Audible.com.

I wasn’t a writer growing up. As I got into the work world, and specifically consulting, I found that writing was a required part of the job. I also found that I kind of enjoyed crafting words, sentences and paragraphs to communicate my thoughts.

My career choice came with an extensive level of travel and, in turn, an enormous amount of time spent on airplanes, in airports and hotels. Much of that time was filled by reading. I became an avid reader of fiction, mostly Mystery Suspense. I developed a list of favorite authors and started reading their works more critically. I found that the books I enjoyed most were books that were not only entertaining fiction but also provided some insight or commentary that made me think about the world around me.

The fascination with crafting words and the enjoyment of reading ultimately culminated in a desire to try my hand at writing. That was in early 2008. I’ve written and published three novels since. I’ve got several others that are in various states of 'incompletion'. Hopefully, they will eventually grow into something worth sharing.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy my published works