Share Your Story

Joe B Parr


Whether it’s fact or fiction, fantasy or reality, YOU have a story to tell the world and it’s time to Share Your Story.

In this succinct guide to writing and publishing your own paperback, ebook or audiobook, Joe B. Parr, author of three 4.8 star Amazon reviewed Mystery Suspense novels, walks you through his process for getting from Inspiration to Reader Review.

This step by step guide starts with establishing your motivations and explores where to find inspiration, ideas and stories. From there, Joe shows you practical techniques and tools for capturing, organizing and plotting your story. He provides crucial information on the use of story structure and character development.

Helpful hints are provided on how to leverage friends, family and fellow writers to survive the marathon of writing a book. Tips and tricks on how to keep the flow of writing moving forward are interspersed throughout along with quotes and comments from an array of published authors.

Since writing a manuscript is only half the journey to getting a book into the readers’ hands, this guide dives deep into the necessary processes after you’ve typed ‘The End’. This includes Publishing, Editing, Formatting, Cover Design and the critically important Sales and Marketing.

This book covers the entire range of processes, activities and tools needed to get your story from your imagination into the readers’ hands.